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Preparing for your Spray Tan.

Preparation is the key to a perfect result. Simply follow these steps to achieve ultimate results:

Exfoliate thoroughly the night before your tan, using an exfoliation mitt or oil free scrub.
Remember to shave/wax the day before tanning to achieve optimum results.
Do not apply deodorant, moisturizer prior to your tanning session. These can act as a barrier to your tan and prevent even absorption.
Wear loose, dark clothing and underwear to your tanning appointment. The cosmetic bronzer in the tan may rub off slightly but will easily wash out of most fabrics. Do not wear jeans or tight pants if possible after spray tan applied.
Wear open sandals or thongs to your tanning appointment if posiable to prevent any rubbing lines.


Do not exercise on the day of your tanning application. Excessive perspiration will adversely affect the development of your tan.

Maintaining your Spray tan.

Avoid contact with water during the first 4-8 hours after your spray tan has been applied. Water is a spray tan's biggest enemy.
Wait at least 4 (but you can wait up to 12 hours) hours before showering following your tan application. You will see colour washing off the first time you shower. This is just the cosmetic bronzer, not your tan.

Apply a moisturizer as often as required following your post tan shower. Your tan will gradually fade until your next exfoliation and tanning session. Drier skin exfoliates quicker so moisturising between sessions is essential to keep your tan.
Avoid long, hot showers/baths and pat skin dry. Do not rub!
Chlorine will shorten the length of your tan so avoid swimming pools and Spas following application.

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive spa procedure that rejuvenates the appearance of the skin by treating sun damage, scarring, wrinkles and other unwanted skin problems. This procedure uses a gentle stream of tiny particles to exfoliate the outer layer of skin, leaving fresh, younger-looking skin and a renewed appearance. Microdermabrasion may be combined with other procedures such as chemical peels or laser treatment.

Radio Frequency Facial Treatment

Benefit of RF face lift treatment

  • - Enhances luminosity of the skin
  • - Face & neck lifting & remodelling
  • - A noticeable improvement in skin tone
  • - Reduces wrinkles and lift sagging skin
  • - Tighten loose skin
  • - Increase collagen level
  • - A reduction in the appearance of double chins
  • - Improves dark circles

How long before I see the results of the treatment?

You will notice a subtle difference in your skin during your first treatment; however the results get better and better with ever treatment. The treatment is an accumulative result, the more treatments you do the better your results will be. It is normally around 4th treatment for the results to be more drastic.

Is this treatment right for me?

Every woman or man who would like their face to look younger or smoother without surgery is a candidate for this treatment. A person of practically any age can receive the treatment. Some clients have obvious ageing from mid 30s others do better with deeper lines and laxity not evident till the fifties. There is an advantage to starting a little younger (the forties) and planning an annual budget for maintenance.

Any side effects?

Best of all, there is hardly any side effects with RF treatment as such waves are very gentle and treatment is almost painless with no down-time at all. In other words, you can hop right back to your normal activities after treatment! What a popular choice for busy professionals who care about their looks.

image-237582-LED MASK 3.jpg?1423103431938

3 Wave lenghs Mask (415nm / 630nm / 830nm)
+Low Frequency Stimulator
Deesse mask can deliver the more energy per area by irradiating low-power beam rays
to the skin effectively and closely.
In particular, 415nm Blue-rays of the short-wavelength has more advantage for the effectiveness.

DEESSE Effectiveness
415nm ---Acne, Antimicrobial effect
630nm---Postcare after laser or MTS treatment Skin Rejuvenation, Brightening
830nm---Wound healing, Skin Rejuvenation, Blood circulation

Low frequency stimulator
Massage for blood circulation

image-237585-LED Mask4.jpg?1423103654155
image-154760-laser toning4.jpg?1415271309884
Laser Toning Treatment

image-172160-OPT 3.png?1416998875924
The machine is an advanced technique employed to reduce and eliminate individual visible surface capillaries (Thread Veins) and spider veins, on the face and décolletage.
We use electrolysis to coagulate the capillary immediately. Imagine the capillary as a tiny tunnel just under the skin surface (within 1-2 mm of the surface). Blood rushes down these tunnels. The very fine needle (0.01mm)  is inserted into these and heat applied which causes the capillary to heat to approximately 50-60 degrees centigrade, which coagulates (cooks) the blood, blocking the capillary. The Capillary then dies and the waste is reabsorbed back into the body.  Other unseen capillaries supply the skin and these take over from the ones destroyed.

Laser Treatment for Pigmentation

Most commonly occurring instances of skin defects are:

Freckles, occurring naturally due to melanin deposits;

Exposure to sun and ageing darkens these spots over time;
Liver spots due to ageing and spots caused by exposure to UV rays and Sunlight; Hormonal imbalance, liver damage, genetics, pregnancy, contraceptive pills and harsh chemicals.

                             While freckles and some spots are harmless, sun-damaged skin may form tumors, needing timely attention.

                             We offer an easy, painless and quick solution to remove such blemishes in an affordable way.

                        Benefits of Laser Pigmentation Removal

  • Superior, even toned and grained skin for polished good looks to enhance social and professional interactions and take your life to a new high
  • High self confidence after treatment due to enhanced looks
  • Healthier skin, destruction of damaged cells may prevent future incidence of extensive damage as well as growth of tumors.

Laser Toning--- Carbon Laser Treatment

Carbon Laser Toning

Carbon Laser  was first developed and introduced in Asia. Since then, it has become one of the most popular and effective anti-aging treatments. It is said that Carbon Laser Peel has revolutionized the way people take care if their skin. With the Carbon Laser Peel, you’re able reinvigorate your facial skin while reducing the size of your pores. It also helps even your skin tone and color through collagen stimulation. You can also treat acne without any form of medication. People who once suffered oily skin claim that their face now produces less excess oil than before just as they have finished their first two sessions!

                            Firstly your face will be cleaned of any excess oil, perfumes and make up.
                            Then, a special carbon lotion is applied to the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead, which penetrates the pores.
                            The laser passes over the skin, gently heating the carbon, turning it and the dead skin cells into a fine plume, which is released   from the skin. 
                            Basically, the thermal heat reaction of the laser and the carbon exfoliates the skin, reduces the size of the pores as it goes, and stimulates the connective tissue.
                            The skin will then be cleansed, moisturized and a high factor sun screen will be applied.
                             You will leave the clinic with glowing skin.
  •  You will notice that your pores are reduced greatly. This amazing and innovative skin treatment works evenly - even on hard to reach areas such as your nose.
  • Carbon Laser Peel helps reduce acne scars
  • Your skin will feel reinvigorated and renewed
  • You will notice that your skin is glowing and radiant
  • Your skin color, tone and texture will be even - unlike before you did the treatment
  • It also greatly reduces wrinkles after a series of 6 treatments
The Carbon Laser is an amazing tool to help people treat their skin problems at the skin level and results are noticeable after just one treatment. With all the hype that other anti-aging treatments in the market, only the carbon peel has delivered. This type of treatment has been in history for ages and it is only now that the modern man has fully taken advantage of this amazing facial treatment. 
If you want to improve your skin and become a lot more beautiful than before then opt for a carbon laser peel! It will surprise you with its amazing results in no time!

No, the treatment is non invasive and gentle, most people describe the sensation as a light tingling feeling. The treatment takes approximately 45 mins from start to finish (please allow an extra 15 minutes for consultation).
A visible difference should be noticed with one individual treatment, but a course of six treatments with a 7-10 day break in between each treatment is advised for maximum results. After treatment your skin will be cleansed and a moisturising treatment applied. As the Carbon Laser Peel gives an instant improvement to skin tone and texture, some people like to have a single session to have porcelain skin before a big event or night out.